Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Google says more searches on mobile than desktop

Google says more searches on mobile than desktop
Throughout last year, there was buzz around more searches taking place on mobile than desktop. Now, its official. In its Adwords blog, the search giant writes, “More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”
However, Google hasn’t divulged further on the number of mobile browser-based searches. Considering Google includes tablets and desktops in the same group, it is certain that by mobile searches it means only smartphones. This has also compelled Google to introduce a new ad experience on mobile that is designed for screen swipes rather than mouse clicks.
Besides, Google also seems to be working at wooing developers to choose Android over iOS. According to a report by TheInformation, the search giant is testing a new system that will allow developers to try out various versions of their apps’ profile pages in the Google Play store.
So, developers can now view if price changes help bring more revenue. For instance, they can lower the price of an app, just to see how many people download it. They can also experiment with varying layers, colour themes and video placement, and then gauge how people react to the changes.
“It might not seem like a significant change, but it gives developers a new level of flexibility they can’t get through Apple,” points out BusinessInsider.
The report also adds that building an app for both platforms simultaneously is expensive. So, developers have to start with either one, and mostly choose iOS over Android. Developers do so mainly because Android is fragmented and some app features may not work on all devices. Moreover, iPhone users are willing to pay more money, adds the report.
So, with this tool, Google is trying to help developers make more money.
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