Wednesday, 8 April 2015

now add up to 116 characters to any tweet

now add up to 116 characters to any tweet
Twitter has officially unveiled a big change to its ‘quote tweet’ functionality. Starting today, iPhone and web users will be able to embed the actual tweet instead of simply quoting it as text. The company promises that the revamped quote tweet button will roll out to Android soon.
With this upgrade, users can add up to 116 characters to any tweet, no matter how many characters the original tweet contained. One of the major complaints about the way ‘quote retweets’ were handled in the past was that users barely had any characters left to add a comment.
Tweets, which are retweeted using the new functionality, will be as simple as retweeting a user’s comment with a link to the original tweet. Third-party apps will also receive support for the new quote tweet in due course of time. However, TechCrunch pointed out that, unfortunately, users will not be able to embed the full retweet and comment together.
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